#5 The Cleanser

#5 The Cleanser

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The Clarity Collection Clarity. Balance. Radiance.
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The Story

Reveal unbridled clarity and radiance.

Inspiring brilliance in balance, #5 The Cleanser is a potent gel formulation that thoroughly cleanses and rejuvenates skin.

A nightly cleansing ritual to refine texture and restore skin clarity.

The Promise

•Gently cleanses to remove surface debris and alleviate skin congestion

•Skin feels more hydrated, improving improve skin tone and texture

•Promotes skin brilliance

•Purifies and rebalances skin for enhanced skin clarity

The Ritual

Complexion health, vitality and beauty are highly dependent upon the acidic pH of the Stratum Corneum, the skin’s outermost layer.

Skin protects itself from the breakdown of its connective tissues) by upregulating enzymes that assist in collagen and elastin connective tissue synthesis. These enzymes require acidic surface conditions to function optimally.

Breakouts, premature ageing, pigmentation and other signs of environmental damage can occur when the skin is too alkaline (the opposite of acidic).

A nightly cleanse with a complex of hydroxy acids, phospholipids and amino acids can assist in gently recalibrating skin pH back to a healthy, acidic state, helping to restore clarity and firmness.

The Research

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