Enlarged Pores
Pores are a common problem. Poor old pores! They become enlarged for a number of reasons.
Reasons for enlarged pores
Sun Damage

One is sun damage. Extensive UV exposure causes a disruption to the collagen and the pores that sit within the dermis are damaged and become open and larger. Severe cases may even get comedones.

Overactive grease glands

The other cause is overactive grease glands commonly seen in oily skin types and acne prone skin. Over time the pores produce so much oil they stay open and look almost like tiny black heads in the skin, but they cant be squeezed. Thats because they are deep in the dermal layer of skin.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

The final manifestation of pores is sebaceous hyerplasia. These are small lumps in the skin that look white or red and when examined closely like little petals of a flower. These are the result of years of oil production and often occur in older age groups.
Some people have a combination of all of the above!

Shrinking Enlarged Pores Treatment
The issue of pores can be attacked from a number of angles, but its important to bear in mind they are the most difficult thing to treat!
Sun protection

Chronic UV exposure damages the collagen surrounding our pores so that they appear larger and more open over time. Sometimes they get clogged with debris and we call these solar comedones (ie sun pores). Protecting skin that has large pores from the sun is vital so as to prevent UV related collagen loss and UV related skin tissue damage.

Skin care ingredients

What skincare targets open pores?
Correct skincare is key when addressing open pores. Exfoliating, regeneration and balancing are three important ways pores can be refined. This is with the use of chemical exfoliants, retinol, and niacinamide (Vitamin B). Here at Skin Depth Dermatology, we stock a wide range of products that will target open pores such as:


What physical treatments work for pores?

The treatments that target open pores aim to remodel the skin, giving it a tighter, more refined look, or aim to clear any blockages that could be causing the pores to stretch and appear larger. The treatments we offer here at Skin Depth for open pores are:

  • Nano Fractionated Radio Frequency
  • Frequency
  • FraxPro
  • Skin Needling
  • Peels
  • Peel & Heal
  • Advanced peels
  • Express laser facial
  • Laser Genesis
  • Signature Treatment

Lasers to treat enlarged pores

Deep penetrating lasers with a long wavelength such as laser genesis can get to the depth of the pore, creating some heat and energy that attempts to destroy or shrink down the pore.

Skin Needling (micro needling) and Nanofractional Radiofrequency

Devices such as micro-needling also damage the pore and allows it to regress. They also promote an affect on the collagen surrounding the pores to plump the area given a generalized improvement in skin tone and texture.

Vitamin A medication

Finally we know that pores are often the result of hormones so some medications that affect hormones can help. The final (and probably most effective) treatment is a low dose of prescription vitamin A medication which not only reduces oil flow, but also shrinks down the oil gland permanently. This type of medication would require consultation with our dermatologists.
Find out more about treatments to shrink pores out of sight.

Chemical peels to treat enlarged pores

Chemical peels containing acids such as beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid. Salicylic Acid is a lipid soluble fruit acid, meaning it is absorbed by the grease glands preferentially so it gets down to wear it needs to be. In high concentrations salicylic acid peels can really help degrease the skin reduce oil flow and therefore assist in the reduction of pores.

  • Can I close my pores?

    Unfortunately, it is a myth that you can physically close your pores. You can however refine the skin to give the appearance of tighter pores.

  • How many treatments will I need for enlarged pores?

    It depends on the reason for the large pores, but mostly it will be a series of 6 or so treatments and then annual top ups.

  • Can I reduce my pore size permanently?

    Yes it is possible to permanently reduce the size of some pores with prescription medication, however this vitamin A medication will not likely reduce all pores permanently and will need to be combined with treatments for large pores.

  • How does Microneedling treatment work for pores?

    Needling and Microneedling are fantastic treatment for the reduction in pore size. They gently resurface and impede the production of oil and reduce pores size by targeting the glands and structures in the dermis.