Express Laser Facial

Combining the technology of the Nd:Yag Q switch laser and the powerful effectiveness of chemical peels, this is a perfect lunch time pick-me-up treatment. Suitable for those who are concerned with uneven skin tone including pigmentation from melasma and post-inflammatory change associated with acne and breakout prone skin and pores. The treatment is tailored towards your individual skin type and concerns, and is guaranteed to give you an instant glow!

  • Is the Express Laser Facial painful?

    The majority of this treatment is painless. Laser toning can be described as a pins and needles sensation accompanied by heat. The chemical peel can feel warm and itchy when applied but this is only temporary and a fan can be used to ease any discomfort. We can adjust the laser settings and peel strength based on a patients tolerance levels.

  • How long is the treatment?

    The treatment length is 30 minutes. Add on treatments such as a peptide mask can be added which will lengthen the treatment time.

  • What is the expected downtime with treatment?

    There is minimal downtime after this treatment. Mild redness can occur after the treatment however this usually settles over a few hours. Some patients may experience a breakout after this exfoliating facial so it is recommended to book in this treatment a minimum of two weeks before a special event.