Rationale: Beautiful Fluid

Rationale: Beautiful Fluid

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Luminising skin perfection, coupled with sophisticated protection.

This luxurious Formulation delivers SPF30 while imbuing a sheer, skin-syncing finish. Created for all Melanotypes, it calms the appearance of redness and reanimates the skin’s inherent radiance, for a hyper-natural, incandescent glow.

The Promise

• Imbues a perfected skin finish.
• Amplifies the skin’s inherent luminosity.
• Delivers sophisticated solar and environmental protection.
• Imparts a light-diffusing lustre.

The Ritual

Shake well to activate Superfluid Formulation.

Apply liberally and gently smooth across forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Blend to perfect skin tone and amplify luminosity.

Apply a second layer if desired, to intensify coverage.

The Research

When light interacts with skin's surface it is either reflected or diffused. The contributing factors of solar and environmental exposure can contribute to an uneven texture, tone, and dehydration, causing a greater diffused reflection, but refined, healthy, and luminous skin demonstrates a specular reflection.

Ensuring the skin's protective mechanisms and natural moisturising factors are optimised is essential to enhance the skin's radiance. The combination of protective skin minerals in addition to perfecting and nourishing ingredients deliver an elevated brilliance and desired reflection.

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