Vulva Clinic

The Vulva Clinic is a comprehensive specialist service for women with vulva skin complaints and is located in our St Kilda East consulting rooms. Women will be consulted by both Dermatologist Dr Alice Rudd and Gynaecologist Dr Felicity Gould in the same consultation. This combined service provides complete physical examination of both the skin and gynaecological systems to achieve diagnosis and treatment for both acute and chronic vulva conditions.

Treatment will include patient education, general vulva care, tailored medical and surgical management as appropriate and ongoing follow-up.

We provide the following diagnostic and management procedures on site where appropriate:

• Vulva/perineal biopsies
• High and low Vaginal swabs
• STI screening
• Cervical Screening including HPV screening under new guidelines.
• Removal of suitable lesions under local Anaesthetic

Dr. Priska McDonald

• Marsupialisation of perineal/vulva lumps and abscesses
• Removal of labial tags/lesions
Vaginoplasty for vaginal stenosis or other vaginal lesions
• Excision of vulva lesions requiring GA
• Please note that cases of known VIN, VAIN and Cervical abnormalities requiring Colposcopy will not be managed by Skindepth. These cases will be referred on to clinicians experienced in the care of gynaecological and vulva malignancy and premalignant care.

Dr. Priska McDonald
Common complaints and referral indications managed by Skindepth Vulva Clinic:

Diagnosis and Management of Acute and Chronic Vulva Symptoms Itch

• Pain
• Discomfort
• Sexual dysfunction

Diagnosis and Management of Vulva Lesions Pigmented

• Rash
• Lumps/masses
• Initial assessment and biopsy diagnosis of possible VIN and VAIN.

Dr. Priska McDonald

Diagnosis and Management of Specific conditions Lichen Sclerosis

• Lichen planus
• Contact/Irritant dermatitis
• Recurrent and treatment refractory
• Candidiasis Vulvovaginal Atrophy
• Vulvodynia
• Vulva psoriasis.
• Vaginitis – Infective and none infective
• Vaginal Stenosis
• Perineal scarring
• Vaginal/Perinanal Warts

Dr. Priska McDonald

Diagnosis and Assessment of Sexual Dysfunction (Note: some women may require additional input by specialist pelvic floor physiotherapists and/or sexual counsellors – however this can be arranged by our team).

• Dyspareunia
• Levator Spasm
• Vaginismus

Dr. Priska McDonald

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