Dull Skin

Dull skin is a common complaint! Dullness refers to the skin's inability to reflect light properly. This reflection is what gives skin It’s radiance. When skin is dull it can look uneven, ashy, lacklustre, patchy, and dry. But luckily its an easy thing to fix and we can give skin back that luminous ‘glow!’ Dull skin can be due to a number of factors

Dr. Priska McDonald
Common reasons for Dull Skin

• Oily Skin

• Dehydrated Skin

• Blemished skin

• Thickened skin

• Aging

• Dryness/Dehydration

• Uneven skin texture

• Pollution

• Sun exposure/Sun damage

• Dead skin cell build up

Dull Skin Treatments

A remedy may be as simple as exfoliating off dead skin cells to produce brighter skin. This can be done with chemical exfoliating skin care that contain hydroxy acids. It could also be done with a series of chemical peels to give the skin back some health and vitality.
Fixing any underling inflammation such as acne is vital. This can be done with medical treatments both topically or systemically. Controlling oil flow is also important. This can be treated with a combination of beta hydroxy acids that penetrate the grease gland to reduce oil flow either in a serum formulation or for a more potent hit, a skin enzyme treatment.

Here at Skin Depth Dermatology, we offer many treatments that can improve the luminosity and radiance of the skin. This includes modalities such chemical peels, lasers, skin needling, and radio frequency. These can be found in the following Skin Depth Dermatology treatments:

Dr. Priska McDonald

• Peels

• Peel & Heal LED

• Advanced peel

• Cosmo peel forte

• Derma blading

• Nano Fractionated Radio Frequency

• Express laser facial

• Signature treatment

- Skin needling

- FraxPro

Dr. Priska McDonald
What skincare targets dullness?
To increase and maintain the skins luminosity a good home care regime is vital. Sunscreen, antioxidants, pigment inhibitors/blockers, retinol and chemical exfoliants have been shown to manage multiple factors that can cause skin dullness. Here at Skin Depth Dermatology, we stock a wide range of products that will target dullness such as:

• La Roche Posay Sunscreens

• K Ceutic SPF 50+

• Aspect physical SPF 50+

• Propaira Tinted SPF 50+


• Skin Better Science, Alto Defence Serum

• Biopelle, Tensage Antioxidant Defence Serum

• Biopelle, KNR serum

• Aspect Dr, Multi B serum

• Propaira, Skin Defence Serum

• Dermaceutic C25 cream

Pigment Inhibitors/Blockers

• Skin Better Science, Alpharet overnight cream

• Skin Better Science, Alpharet peel pads

• Aspect Dr, Complete Pigment Plus

• Dermaceutic, Mela Cream

• Biopelle, Retriderm serum 0.5%, 0.75%, 1%

Chemical exfoliants

• Skin Better Science, Alpharet overnight cream

• Skin Better Science, Alpharet peel pads

• Dermaceutic, Mela Cream

• Propaira, 15% Lactic Acid Cream

• Propaira, 10% Salicylic and Lactic - Acid Serum

• Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask

• Biretix, Duo

• Biretix, Tri-Active Gel


• Skin Better Science, Alpharet overnight cream

• Skin Better Science, Alpharet peel pads

• Biopelle, Retriderm serum 0.5%, 0.75%, 1%

• Dermaceutic, Mela Cream

• Biretix, Duo

• Biretix, Tri-Active Gel

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