Mela Peel

Reduces the appearance of pigment spots, epidermal melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation. It improves tone and enhances the complexion. Mela peel also improves skin radiance, clarity and brightness.

Mask Peel

Best for Acne Prone Skin, the mask peels aids in the treatment of acne by decreasing sebum production and tightening pores. It affects the flow of oil, pore size and therefore reduces acne break outs.

The mask peel smooths skin by purifing the epidermis and enhancing cell renewal. It targets dullness and pigment by brightening a dull complexion and evening skin tone. Mask peel is Suitable for all skin types and phototypes with minimal social downtime.

Milk Peel

Suitable for the reducing the appearance of fine lines, brightening a dull complexion and evening skin tone. With high concentrations of fruit acids, the Milk Peel Boosts collagen production and Restores luminosity and a radiant complexion. The milk Peel can also assist in the regulation of oily skin and dilated pores. The Mask peel is Suitable for all skin types and phototypes with minimal social downtime.

Cosmo Peel Forte

Containing a potent blend of phenol, trichloracetic acid (TCA) and glycolic acid, the cosmo peel forte Is heavy hitting peel for the treatment of acne scars, solar lentigines, actinic keratoses, skin wrinkling and sagging. By combining these ingredients, the coagulative and skin renewing properties of TCA are maximised as the glycolic acid allows for a deeper penetration of the peel. The inclusion of phenol lowers the sensation of the peel and reduces any discomfort.

This powerful multitasker targets a range of concerns including pigmentation, acne scarring, keratotic lesions, and deep wrinkles in as little as one to two sessions. It also boosts collagen production, smooths the skin, and improves overall skin tone and texture.

As Skin Depth Dermatology’s deepest peel, the Cosmo Peel Forte requires more down compared to our other peels on offer, and skin must be adequately prepared with the use of active skincare two weeks prior to the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are peels painful?

    The sensation can be warm and itchy. At Skindepth we have a range of different peels to address individual skin types. Generally higher strength peels create more warmth/or itching. The feeling does dissipate with time and a fan can be use to alleviate any discomfort.

  • How long does a treatment take?

    The treatment length depends on how large the area is being treated. Typically appointments range between 30-45mins.

  • What is the downtime?

    Peels have no downtime. However you skin can be more sensitive than normal for a week post treatment. Some minor peeling can occur and redness which settles over a few hours (slightly longer on the body).

Before and after
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