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Loss of Volume

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As skin ages, it experiences a decline in volume primarily due to collagen loss. This decrease in volume contributes to the appearance of tired, aged skin, often resulting in a loss of structural support. Volume enhancement is a synthetic solution that can replenish this lost volume. The treatment in this procedure is designed to mimic the natural components found in the skin, aiding in the restoration of volume and rejuvenation.

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As the volume enhancement product attracts water it provides hydration and has the ability to reposition areas of the underlying tissue to softly replenish loss of volume and therefore our facial features. They can smooth out wrinkles and folds, volumise furrows, rebuild cheek bones and improve uneven skin contour. Volume enhancement can freshen your skin, and give you a less tired appearance.

After an initial consultation with our cosmetic nurse, all treatments are required to be signed off medically by Dr Alice Rudd. Dr Rudd will assess which volume enhancement products are suitable and safest for you and which is the most appropriate product for your skin.

Our fully qualified and experienced practitioners like Nurse Nuala Naughton administer the treatments in a clinical yet comfortable, and confidential environment. We encourage natural, progressive and subtle treatments that will make you feel like a fresher version of you!..

Volume enhancement products can improve (but not limited to) the following:

• Lines around the mouth (marionette lines/accordion lines)
• Nasolabial folds (line between the mouth and the nose)
• Dark circles under the eyes (tear trough and periorbital rejuvenation)
• Enhance cheek bones
• Lip augmentation, and treatment of lines around the mouth
• Sagging jaw line
• Chin enhancement for recessed chin
• Temple hollowing
• Hydration of the skin face, neck and backs of hands
• Scar revision
• Total face rejuvenation


The tear trough area is the area just under the eye that often looks like ‘dark circles,’ and makes people look tired, when they are not! It looks dark in some people due to genetics but also can be the result of a loss of volume in the cheek that sits below the ‘tear trough.’ This cheek volume loss is the result of ageing most commonly. Volume enhancement in the tear trough area can assist in the improvement of dark eye circles and give a less tired look.

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With age we our face descends, and often the first sign is a loss of the ‘cheek bone.’ A high, full cheek bone gives a youthful look and volume enhancement in this area can give an instant lift to the whole face, without looking ‘done.’ A full cheek bone reflects light and gives a healthy skin glow. Most actresses have their cheeks treated with volume enhancement product to give them a beautiful look, without affecting the movement of their facial expression. Treatments can last 12- 18months.

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Lip augmentation can be done very naturally with no hint of a trout pout! Lips deflate over time and can give the face a stern look. Plump hydrated lips are youthful and make the lippy go on like a dream!

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Nasolabial Fold

The Nasolabial fold is the crease between the nose and the corner of the mouth. It is also known as the marionette line. It is one of the most commonly treated areas of the face with volume enhancement. The line comes often as the result of a cheek that has descended with age, but in other people it can be the result of a face full of too much expression. Volume enhancement treatment in this area can improve the appearance of lines around the mouth.


The profile of a beautiful face is to have a chin that is in line with the rest of the face. But some people genetically have a small or recessed chin. Volume enhancement can improve the protrusion of the chin and the profile of the face.

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The back of the hands are susceptible to significant ageing as they are exposed to the elements every single day. It is also the forgotten area when it comes to daily sunscreen application. Volume enhancement is an easy way to rejuvenate the back of the hands and can reduce the prominence of veins. Our newly engaged clients and brides to be love this treatment.

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