Facial redness and facial Flushing

Facial redness is complex and causes significant distress for sufferers. There are a number of causes and some patients may have multiple reasons for facial redness. Sometimes the redness comes and goes (flushing and blushing) and sometimes it is there permanently (capillaries and veins).

Dr. Priska McDonald
Facial redness and causes

• Sun damage
• Inflammation
• Acne - post inflammatory ertythema

Dr. Priska McDonald

• Rosacea
• Flushing and Blushing
• Keratosis Pilaris

Dr. Priska McDonald
Why do I get facial Flushing and Blushing?

facial flushing and facial blushing are a big cause of concern in those who suffer it. Flushing can rarely be the result of an internal cause such as masytocytosis or a tumor and if it extends to body flushing your dermatologist will investigate for underlying causes. Some medications can cause facial and body flushing. More often than not facial blushing is the result of genetics. Stimuli such as caffeine, hot drinks, emotions such as embarrassment can bring on facial blushing. Usually it starts of intermittently and settles over minutes to hours but with age and time the flushing can leave a more long-standing facial and chest redness. Vascular laser such as Vbeam has been shown to reduce the intensity of flushing and blushing but requires multiple treatments.

Do I have rosacea or another cause of facial redness?

Rosacea is a constant flushing condition that is considered chronic and commonly seen in people over the age of 30. In some cases, Rosacea can develop into small pustules that appear like acne as well as broken capillaries. The skin can feel uncomfortable, tight and at times sting when in contact with varying products. Triggers such as, red wine, smoking and sun exposure can exacerbate symptoms of flushing associated with rosacea.

If you are finding your skin is looking particularly flushed consider your sun habits and sun protection. Look out for any potentially irritating products within your skin care regime such as heavy fragrances and adjust. If facial flushing persists, consult with your dermatologist!

Skin treatments for facial redness

Facial redness treatment will depend on the cause. For most people attention to any underlying inflammation results in an improvement in their redness. Skin care helps in all cases and is tailored according to the cause of the redness.

How does Vbeam Laser help for facial redness?

Vbeam Laser, this Is 595nm wavelength that targets haemoglobin and destructs vessels without damaging the surrounding tissue. The Vbeam is a versatile laser as it is suitable for flushing skin types as well larger broken capillaries. It is also helpful for the redness as a result of acne lesions, some refer to as acne scarring (though it is not true acne scarring)

What other treatments are used for facial blushing?

Treatments that produce collagen can also help such as:


Laser Genesis

• Peels

• Nanfractional Radiofrequency

How many treatments are required for facial redness?

Typically, 3-4 sessions are required every 6 weeks. After seeing a reduction of redness, we suggest considering a treatment annually if the condition is chronic such as rosacea.

Can facial flushing be treated with medication?

Yes in rare instances if the flushing is severe it can be treated with betabocker medications to bring down the heart rate. This is mostly useful in those who have an element of anxiety associated with their episodes of facial blushing.

Dr. Priska McDonald