Rationale: Clarity Cleansing Duo

Rationale: Clarity Cleansing Duo

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A restorative ritual, designed to elevate your evenings.

#4 The PreCleanse Balm and #5 The Cleanser work synergistically to nourish and refresh the skin, revealing a soft, supple, and comforted complexion. The duo contains a full size of each product. The Clarity Duo is best suited for normal - oily skins or for those who prefer a gel based cleanser.

1. Begin by applying #4 The PreCleanse Balm to dry skin. When emulsified with water, this balm-to-oil formulation forms a soft, milky texture which gently removes all traces of SPF and makeup. Rinse clean.

2. Use 1 pump of #5 The Cleanser with water onto the face to detoxify impurities and reduce excess oils. Rinse clean.

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