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The Victorian Government have announced that cosmetic operations can start up again this Thursday 1st October! As such we spoke to in house plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Sophie Ricketts about what this means for her patients….

I am super excited to be kicking off with a Rhinoplasty (Nose job) and Breast Reduction on Thursday and my office are getting busy booking up surgeries again for the coming months. 

I have been using video consultations throughout lock-down and patients have loved being able to find out more about cosmetic surgery and talk about their specific concerns with me via video. Until the announcement it was uncertain when we would be able to schedule them, but now we have the green-light!

I will now see patients face-to-face who have had their surgery scheduled, with Covid precautions in place.

What to expect during your cosmetic surgery consultation.

Some of my patients come along with loads of knowledge about the procedure they are wanting to talk about. Others come along not knowing exactly what their options are at all. There is a lot of information out there, but nothing beats talking to a specialist about your specific concerns.

During your initial consultation you will feel ‘heard’. You will be able to tell me what is it that you are concerned about, and that we can talk through what the best options are to address them. There will be lots of information about the procedure, what to expect, possible complications, likely outcomes and what the down-time and recovery looks like.

For most cosmetic operations I take clinical photographs to add to your file because for some procedures it is a Medicare requirement. Some operations, for example rhinoplasty, chin surgery and breast implants/lifts/reductions, I will use 3D photographs of you and simulate the changes to expect with surgery. This helps you to understand how you will look after.

You should use the consultation as a way to get a specialist opinion about what surgery will best suit your needs, whether your concerns are about your eyelids, face, neck, jawline, brow, breasts or body!

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