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Pic @ shellarubymartin (Makeup Artist)

Shella Martin is an internationally renowned makeup artist extraordinaire and AHFA Makeup Artist of the Year. She is also Dr Rudd’s makeup artist for her upcoming nuptials! Her most recent work includes 2019 Paris Fashion Week and Editorial. Check out her amazing work @shellarubymartin 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Shella to find out her top makeup tips. Enjoy!

1. We know beautiful skin is the best canvas for any makeup, how do you like to prep the skin before applying makeup? 

The best prep is with hydration and protection... we have always been in the know about this idea from years of education from many different companies, but where I make sure I go the extra step is with the latest skin support technology with antioxidants; newer textures for better layering capabilities and added ozone barrier protection under your “no makeup” or makeup looks.

2. What makeup trends are we seeing for this spring racing carnival? 

We are seeing more “skin” trending. More of my clients who have seen me in the makeup chair have asked for effortlessly polished skin in the last few months and now it’s a trend having us craving glowing radiant complexions. 

Good skin lets you glow without a highlighter and that’s a lasting impression.

Brushed up brows and lash lines to die for are definitely still on the radar, but socially we are taking a liking to the healthy radiant complexions with natural features of the skin shining through.  

3. What is your tip for long lasting makeup to get through long days, especially if outdoors like Spring Racing Carnival?   

Keep your skin supported with the right hydrated base layers and sunscreen as we know after some time in the sun it will give you a tired and creased looking makeup.  

We have heard the saying “your makeup is only as good as your skincare” well, this is big thing to think about when you have a long day out in the elements too.  

My next step is to not apply too many base products (primer, foundation, powder and concealer) as they might not react well if you spend a day outdoors squinting for hours on end. Light layers and choose items you are familiar with. And carry my favourite items to set and forget- the Rae Morris Invisible mattifier. It’s going to set the makeup, take out unwanted shine spots that your overall complexion present uneven and the lightweight silicone is wind resistant. A perfect combination. 

4. What makeup item do you recommend carrying in your bag at all times? 

Gosh it’s so hard to have just one favourite item.…I always carry Rationale’s B3-T Superfluid, Beautiful Skin Superfluid, and Beautiful Cheeks Superfluid and a small tube of nipple balm… oh and Antioxidant Lipid Concentrate for flights when I need the boost. 

There has never been a time when my luminous and fresh-faced feeling will be supported time and time again with these key tools.

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