The truth about toners


Do you really need one in your skin care routine?

The answer is mostly …NO!

Toners became popular years ago, as an agent to use between cleansing, and applying serums.  The whole ‘cleanse, tone, moisturise’ regime is now completely out of favour. Toners were ‘marketed’ to remove traces of makeup and dead skin to prepare the skin for the application of a serum.

The truth is most toners contain alcohol, and other stripping agents such as witch hazel and fragrances, that remove some of its essential moisturising factors. In fact, they can make the skin produce extra sebum to overcompensate for the dryness. Which is counter productive for skin issues such as acne.

Essentially no skin type requires a toner.  We have far smarter methods of cleaning the skin, such as cleansers that get deep into the pores and clean the skin without stripping it. Cleansing off your skin at the end of your day should be a non-negotiable. Night time is a perfect time to give your skin a break, and to utilize some fantastic products to improve your skin. If you wear heavy makeup or have overly oily skin, it is advisable to cleanse twice with a good quality cleanser. First to cleanse your make up off, and then secondarily to cleanse your face. Follow with a suitable serum for your skin needs and you should see an improvement in general skin health!

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