The Dos and Don'ts of autumn skincare


RATIONALE Catalyst Serum

When it comes to the cooler weather there are some simple things we can do to create brighter healthier skin.

1. Avoid too much indoor heating; when possible as moisture is zapped from the air and in turn from your skin. If you naturally have dry skin or work in an office environment where heating is unavoidable, you may need a little extra TLC in the form of Vitamin B5. This is a water loving molecule that deeply replenishes the skin’s water levels, essentially filling the gaps between skin cells for a stronger barrier and creating more hydrated supple skin. We recommend Medik8 Hydr8 B5 serum morning and night followed by your daily moisturisers and daily SPF protection. 

2. Stay hydrated; once your body becomes thirsty the first place it draws moisture from is the skin. If you don’t like plain water herbal tea also counts as a great way to hydrate.

3. Exfoliate; skin is a natural barrier and the less you exfoliate the tougher it becomes. Think of your skin as a garden with skin cells acting like mulch. Over time the mulch acts like a barrier and every time you try to water it, the water simply runs off. Your skin is no different. To keep all these essential vitamins reaching their destination you need to create a path for them to follow. Exfoliating will also stimulate cell renewal firming the skin from within. However you also don't want to use anything too harsh as this can strip your skin’s natural oil leading to further dehydration. Chemical exfoliators are superior for this, they keep your skin's pH in check and work with the skin's natural exfoliating function, strengthening rather than damaging. We recommend RATIONALE's Catalyst Serum as an excellent option. 

4. SPF Protection; The UVB index in Australia is high almost all year round and excessive exposure leads to cell damage, ageing and in worst cases, skin cancer. So slip, slop, slap all year round – UV exposure does not discriminate between seasons.

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