The best post laser care


Thinking about laser or coming in for a treatment soon? Although we always recommend talking to your Dermal Clinician about your specific treatment we want to share some information on the best post laser skin care so you can not only recover quickly, but get the most out of your treatment.

  1. Before coming in for laser please avoid (3 days prior): taking any fish oil, vitamin E, ibuprofen as these can make you more susceptible to bruising during the laser treatment. Please also make sure that you do not apply any cosmeceutical or prescription grade vitamin A to your skin the night before. Direct sun exposure is to be avoided for a minimum of two weeks prior to your laser treatment.
  2. Having a laser treatment means that your skin is going to feel warm (there are many various intensities of this heat depending on the settings used for your skin type and concern). So remember to treat it like you would sunburn. Things like ice-packs and compressions can be used to cool the skin and reduce inflammation; avoid hot showers and direct contact with hot water; and shun heated environments or activities such as exercise that will cause increased heating to the face for at least 24hrs.   
  3. Depending on the intensity of your laser treatment you can experience a warm sunburn like sensation that lasts anywhere between 1-5 days. This can greatly vary because of many variables that exist such as skin type, type of laser, energy used, depth of the laser. 
  4. Make sure you’re not applying any highly active skincare products to your skin until your clinician or practitioner has advised its fine to do so. Straight after laser it is best to use a basic hydrating cleanser and moisturiser until your skin is no longer sensitive.
  5. Sunscreen is imperative. It is your number one friend. Use a good quality sunscreen daily. We recommend La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF 50+.
  6. Try to avoid the application of make up after laser. Try to hold off until the next day, or even better wait a minimum of 24 hours. For light coverage you may like to use a BB cream.
  7. Although all laser treatments differ, most people find that down-time after laser is approximately 4-7 days. For stronger treatments this can be a little longer. However most post laser effects can be masked with light make up application.
  8. Do not pick or scratch your skin. Please do not exfoliate or scrub your skin until your clinician or practitioner has advised its fine to. You generally want to wait at least 7-10 days.
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