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Say hello to the newest modality available at Skindepth Dermatology, Skin Needling. Often referred to as Micro Needling, and sometimes Collagen Induction Therapy, Skin Needling is an effective tool to treat a myriad of different concerns including acne scarring and signs of ageing. If you have concerns of congestion, texture, pigmentation or loss of elasticity, listen up!

The treatment is administered with a device, our choice is SkinPen, which is a motorised tool featuring a sterile head of many micro needles which quickly move in and out. The device glides over the skin with the tiny needles penetrating the surface, triggering a natural immune response to disinfect, remove debris, increase blood flow, and activate the creation of new tissue.

The micro-channels/tiny holes created by the device are rebuilt with new cells that are full of new collagen and elastin proteins, which visibly reduce facial acne scars, fine lines and leave a skin smoother, radiant and more youthful in appearance.

What to expect?

When you come in for a Skin Needling treatment with us here at Skindepth, we will cleanse the skin before applying a topical numbing cream to ensure an optimal level of comfort is achieved. Areas with less tissue beneath the skin like the forehead and collarbones can yield a prickly sensation that is very normal. Pinpoint bleeding is also very common during Skin Needling treatments and the amount present will depend on the depth the micro needles are penetrating, which is determined by your Dermal Clinician.

Skin Needling can be performed on many different areas on the skin, but often will be used to treat the face, neck and décolletage. Depending on the areas treated, the procedure shouldn’t take longer than 45 minutes.

Directly after your treatment it’s common for your skin to feel hot, tight and present in a red flush, but this inflammation will dramatically subside within a few hours. We will send you home with some post-treatment products to alleviate any discomfort.

In the days following your treatment it’s exceptionally important to refrain from using any active skincare for 7 days, be especially diligent with sunscreen application and try to avoid being in the sun. It’s normal to experience dryness, tightness and light flaking or shedding of the skin in the week following treatment. To help the healing process along we recommend utilising products rich in nourishing and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Société’s Peptide Gel Masks and Aspect Dr’s Soothing Gel are both great to speed up the healing process.

Skin Needling works brilliantly alongside other dermal treatments such as chemical peels and LED. Especially for the treatment of acne and acne scarring, relying upon needling in conjunction with other dermatological treatments can yield especially transformative results. 

For optimal results, we recommend a course of 3 treatments with at least 2 weeks downtime between.

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