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In a market place of millions of skin care products, how on earth do you make the right decision on what’s best for your skin? Every super model, actress and insta famous person now has a skin care range. So should you choose Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics line because she has great skin (her good skin is mostly genetics lets be honest!) or should you select a local Australian made brand like The Skinstitut because “it sounds medical”? Or maybe you select Dermalogica because it’s been around for decades and the price point is right? And my all time favourite “it must be good… it’s organic” (not true!!!).

The answer is to look for skincare formulas comprising all the right ingredients for YOUR individual skin. And the best way to find out what these are is to book in for a professional skin consultation! But to make life easier, I have handpicked a few ‘hero’ products that should suit all skin types, with active ingredients that truly work.

1. BB creams

‘Blemish Balms’ suit all skin types. New lightweight formulations allow the skin to breathe, have sun protection and a light tinted coverage. A good BB should contain both UVA and UVB protection and have an SPF of 50+. Making sure your skin is protected at all times is THE most vital part of any skin care regime.

Our favourite - La Roche Posay BB cream. This moisturiser, sunscreen and light coverage is perfect for everyday use and is suitable for all skin types including breakout prone skin. We also love Rationale Beautiful Skin SPF50 for sheer, luminizing skin perfection plus powerful solar protection.

2. Serums

Serums deliver active ingredients directly into our skin. As serums are comprised of smaller molecules, they can penetrate deeply into the skin ensuring the delivery of highly concentrated active ingredients to target specific concerns such as acne, ageing, hydration and pigmentation.

For acne prone skin, you’ll need a serum that contains Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is used to break down congestion, reducing acne within the skin. Our favourite - Rationale Catalyst Serum.

Another ingredient that we love here at Skindepth is Niacinamide (Vitamin B3). Not only is Niacinamide anti-inflammatory, it also helps to improve skin barrier function, reduce redness, protect our skin from the sun and assist with pigmentation as well as boosting collagen production! This is our hero ingredient!

Our favourites Medik8 B5 Serum reduces redness and improves the skin’s moisture retention due to a high concentration of Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid. Rationale Immunologist Serum combines Niacinamide with Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapetide-1, Adenosine Triphosphate and Amino Acids to boost the skin’s immune responses, optimise intercellular communication and enhance skin barrier function This powerful combination also helps normalise melanin production and targets existing pigmentation, while Australian botanicals provide unique solar defensive and rejuvenation potential.

Vitamin A (retinol) is a powerful ingredient that targets the visible signs of ageing and sun damage. Retinol promotes cell renewal by increasing production of collagen and elastin. It also targets the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and restores skin radiance, for a complexion that looks and feels smoother, firmer and more refined.

Our favouritesBiopelle Retriderm Serum can be tailored to your skin due to its three different strengths. For more sensitive, less sun-damaged skin, Retriderm Serum Mild Retinol 0.5% is perfect for you.

Excessive exposure to UV radiation leads to the damage of our DNA resulting in changes in our skin such as wrinkling, skin laxity and hyperpigmentation. To repair this DNA damage, we need ingredients that repair and rejuvenate our DNA. We can now do this with DNA Repair Enzymes. Plant based Epidermal Growth factors repair the skin and activate the regeneration of young healthy skin. DNA Repair Enzymes restore natural cell function to initiate self-repair cycle, increasing lipid production which allows our skin to hold more moisture. DNA cells need to be repaired to combat the changes that have undergone due to UV and oxidative damage. Used on a daily basis, skin texture improvement will be evident in a number of weeks but maximum results noticed up to three months.

For sun damaged skin, Rationale DNA Serum is ideal because it is supercharged with skin rejuvenating Vitamin A and DNA Repair Enzymes, plus Australian PhotoRepair Botanicals and Vitamin K to target sun induced DNA damage and activate overnight rejuvenation and repair.

Book in today for your complimentary skin consultation and let our team of skin experts prescribe the very best skincare products and treatments for your unique skin condition and concerns! xs

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