Skin Peels on the menu


So yesterday I was out for my best friends birthday lunch. And we had courses and courses. And it made me think is much like a “Skindepth Skin Peel” experience.  And I don't mean the citrus type!

Prep the scene with some relaxing tunes and light the candles. Inhale a glass of fresh cool lemon Infused filtered water. Then wipe the skin and hands with a warm towel compress. Phones in handbags, and thoughts in the moment. Feeling a little anticipation of what is on the menu, and excited about the ‘dining or ski-ning’ experience.

For Entree a little skin 'double' cleanse with rose floral water cleansing emulsion. This preps the skin palette for a more intense flavour explosion of course number two.

The main course is the gentle application of a fruit acid such as lactic acid to boost a dull complexion. Lactic acid is made from sour milk, so perhaps use your imagination here! However, for those with acne prone skin, then choice of main courses should generally avoid dairy which leads to congestion and breaks outs.

To supplement the mains, we apply some LED light to help the peel penetrate and provide some rejuvenation. Also giving the skin a healthier glow than the red wine that came with my lunch!!

For dessert an application of the deliciously smooth K-Ceutic. Choc full of K complex and vitamin C. For the antioxidant meal choice, chose raspberries – packed full of Vitamin C.

You know I'm a skin nerd when I start to see Peels in my Lunch! 

So come and sample our Skin Peels with out Spring Special Skin Peel Pack... You skin won't leave hungry!

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