Skin checks with Dr Tasos Stavarakoglou


Did you know we have the amazing Dr Tasos Stavrakoglou working alongside Dr Alice Rudd at Skindepth Dermatology.  

Dr Tasos has many years of experience practising as a Dermatologist and we feel so lucky to have him on our team. Along with other treatments, Dr Tasos specialises in Skin Checks.  

If you have never had a skin check before we suggest a prompt appointment. Here at Skindepth we recommend routine skin checks every 12 months.  

Australia has one of the highest rates of melanoma so every Australian should have a routine skin check once a year.  

During your first skin check all moles and lesions are examined to get a baseline idea of how the lesions normally appear. At your future appointments we make sure that there have been no changes to size, colour, and border of the lesion. 

Skin checks only take about 15-30 minutes to perform and could save your life, get in contact to book one in today!

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