Should I be able to move my face after antiwrinkle treatment?


Many of us worry about looking ‘frozen’ or unnatural after botox injections to the face. Celeste Marleour resident Nurse Injector tells us why to expect some movement after your treatment.

The reality Is, Says Celeste, is that some movement is normal! Why? Well antiwrinkle treatment involves medication carefully injected into muscles on the face, to cause weakness, or temporarily paralyse the muscle. These facial muscles are responsible for a variety of facial expressions that we as humans use to communicate. The muscular movements involved in facial expression convey our emotional state to others, which can be perceived as positive or negative emotions.

Over time facial expressions cause repetitive muscle contractions, leading to wrinkles that remain present at rest, known as dynamic lines. The aim of antiwrinkle treatment is to soften and minimise wrinkles caused by frequent frowning, squinting, smiling or raising your brows. The treatment should leave you looking refreshed – like you’ve returned from a relaxing holiday! (pre-covid times of course).

To create a natural ‘refreshed’ look with antiwrinkle treatment, you want to still be able to have some expression on your face and this means some movement. So movement is not the enemy, and as long as its not reproducing those dynamic lines at rest, then I promise you its all good.

xx Celeste

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