Salicylic Acid our hero ingredient


Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid. Beta hydroxy acids are oil or lipid soluble acids. This is different to an alpha hydroxy acid which is water soluble. What this means is that Beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid penetrate deeper into the skin to the level of the oil glands. Salicylic acid is therefore the perfect treatment for acne, congestion and blemishes on the skin. Salicylic acid also helps regulate oil flow in the skin so great for oily skin types.

We recommend using salicylic acid daily if tolerated. It can cause a slight stinging when applied to the skin that settles quickly. This is due to the low pH which is required to help it penetrate the skin barrier.

Salicylic acid formulations should be used prior to other active ingredients such as retinol as they are deeper penetrating and encourage greater absorption of other active ingredients applied afterwards.

Which salicylic acid containing product is best for your skin depends on a number of factors.

For spot treatment of congestion and acne break outs - we recommend STOP SPOT. This spot treatment will help clear breakouts and reduces redness. This product contains salicylic acid and niacinamide.

For more widespread congestion and acne we recommend Biretrix Duo. Biretix Duo also contains Vitamin A and is perfect for unclogging pores and clearing congestion. Another great option is the Societe Blemish Balm which is great for balancing surface oil and soothing inflammation.

For the added benefit of alpha hydroxy acids to smooth and resurface as well as decongest we suggest Rationale #5 The Creme or Serum. Using a product with salicylic with alpha hydroxy acid is perfect for managing oily, breakout prone skin while simultaneously providing a nice dose of hydration -essential for maintaining skin health and clarity.

We know salicylic acid back to front, and would love to chat to you about what is best for your skin by meeting with one of our talented dermal clinicians. Touch base via email and we will get you started!

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