Retinol – the real deal!



Have you heard of Retinol? At Skindepth we love Retinol and that’s because it works. Retinol is essentially Vitamin A which is an ingredient used in topical skincare that treats concerns like acne, pigmentation, texture and the big one…. ageing! Vitamin A can be found in various foods but for the best results, it should be applied topically to the skin (usually in as a serum or night moisturiser). When used in higher concentrates it will help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles and diminishes hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and dark spots.

It might surprise you to hear that we recommend to start using Retinol in your early – to mid 20’s! Why? Because starting retinol early means we can help stave-off premature ageing by boosting collagen production. You will also enjoy the benefits of smooth vibrant skin.  Remember to always pair Retinol with a good high SPF sunscreen as the skin’s production and repair mechanisms are affected by exposure to UV sunlight as well as other external factors like smoking and pollution.  

At Skindepth we have stock in various strengths of Retinol. Biopelle Retriderm Serum Mild 0.5% Retinol is a good place to start for beginners. Then it works up to 0.75% and 1%. Not every skin type is the same so may not necessarily need a higher strength retinol - always check with your Dermal Clinician. A higher strength prescription grade may be prescribed by our Dermatologist for those who may benefit. 

If you want to find out if Retinol is right for you come in for a skin consult with Amelia or Lily! It is the perfect time of year to get your summer skincare sorted.

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