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If you’re all ready for the big race days and have you attire and fabulous headpiece sorted, then here are some tips to keep your skin looking gorgeous and radiant while you are out and about and having a wonderful time on the field.

1. Choose the right skincare products under your makeup

If you tend to have dry or dehydrated skin, then using a Vitamin B and Hyaluronic Acid Serum under your moisturiser will give your skin a radiant glow and plump up its appearance. Medik8 B5 contains both of these ingredients and will give your skin that extra hydrating boost for the big day.

For those of you that notice your skin gets slightly oily by the end of the day, try using a Salicylic Acid Serum under your moisturiser. Doing this will help to mop up any excess oils and prevent that oily look for forming throughout the day.

2. Choose the right makeup for the day

The right makeup depends on the type of appearance and finish you’re after. Mineral liquid makeup will give you a glow that is both polished and dewy – it is really good for those with dryer skin types.

If you’re more prone to oily skin, then you may prefer a matte finish. In this case use a crushed or pressed mineral powder. If you can get SPF coverage within your makeup then that’s an extra bonus. However don’t rely on this solely as your sunscreen protection. SPF 50+ sunscreen is a must in your daily skincare routine, particularly when you are outside all day.

Don’t forget to pack your mineral pressed powder to reapply during the day to prevent shiny skin from excess oil production.  

3. Lip care

Definitely bring along a SPF 50+ lip balm in your bag to prevent cracked lips and sun damage. Regularly applying your lip balm will help prevent red wine stained lips and as well as any chapping and dehydrated lips throughout the day. Applying your coloured lip stick over the top will create a beautiful glossy finish.

4. Body care

Apply a liberal amount of SPF sunscreen followed by your moisturiser as the base all over your body. Look out for sunscreens that contain powerful antioxidants to protect and restore the skin from free radicals caused by UV rays and pollutants. La Roche Posay Anthelios Activewear lotion sunscreen 60+ is perfect for race day. Don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day – most sunscreens wear off after about 4hrs. If you want to create a natural glow for your body, an illuminating moisturiser will leave you looking and feeling dewy and glam.

5. Touch up your skin with a spritz

If your skin starts to feel a little tired and dry as the day goes on, get that fresh boost with a little spritz. We love Avene’s Thermal Spring Water. Just spray directly on the face over your make up - it will refresh your skin and give your makeup a slightly dewy finish.

6. Stay hydrated.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It will help you stay hydrated on the inside and outside. You and your skin will thank you the next day. Remember water is your friend.

7. Keep the skin looking great the next day and don’t get lazy and forget to take off your makeup off.

You may be exhausted after a big day of fun but this is one step not to miss. You will feel so much better the next morning. Ideally we recommend using a gentle cleanser and finishing with a moisturiser. But if you are just too tired, invest in some makeup wipes – the best type contain micellar water.

8. Have fun!

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