Prepping your skin for the big day!


I am often asked by brides-to-be, 'what should I do with my skin before my wedding day?'

My answer is usually, come and see me WELL before the big day. Its never a good idea to try new treatments and procedures in the couple of weeks before your wedding. Always have tried it once or twice well before the big day, incase your skin doesn't agree with it. 

Most brides want to feel fabulous, and flawless on their wedding day. They want their photos, that will last forever, to reflect that perfect luminosity. And this doesn't necessarily mean bringing out big gun lasers! As I mention in this months edition of BRIDE, before considering any treatments, its important to get the skin care right. Directing skin care towards your skin concerns may just be enough to give you that fresh glow. Once the 'canvas' is intact, then we consider more active treatments.  Some of these should be performed long before the big day due to recovery time. Some can be safely performed in the week before your wedding.

My advice, just don't try to get it all in a one stop shop. Give yourself plenty of time, and give your skin a plan to perfection.

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