Pregnancy and your skin


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Pregnancy causes huge hormonal changes in the body which greatly affects the skin. Some of the most common changes pregnant women can experience is increased pigmentation (on the face and body) and stretch marks.

The main factors that influences the development of pigmentation (which could be a sudden appearance of freckles, sun spots, linea nigra or melasma), is due to increased melanin production. With increased melanin comes more pronounced sensitivity to the sun. However the good news is that pigmentation flare ups throughout pregnancy will generally lighten over time and naturally resolve. The best prevention is to apply SPF 50+ sunscreen daily. If you’re already doing this religiously, and staying out of the sun, then you can also invest in a tyrosinase inhibitor, which is a topical product. These skincare products usually contain Vitamin C, liquorice root extract, niacinamide and phytic acid and works to block future pigmentation being formed within the skin. One of our preferred products is Propaira Light-n-ing cream which is safe during pregnancy.

The other common concern during pregnancy is stretch marks. Stretch marks tend to occur due to the high rate in which the skin grows as the body changes. For those of you nervous about stretch marks, body brushing throughout pregnancy (and even once you have your baby), is a good way to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This will deliver essential nutrients to the area whilst also decreasing any swelling you might have. Of course, brush your belly very gently, but work harder on your legs, buttocks and arms. A lighter brush that you would use on your face would be more appropriate for the belly area. We love body brushing during pregnancy because it helps to strengthen the quality of the skin and may reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Body moisturisers containing Vitamin C and Vitamin E are another good option that can assist with stretch marks. These moisturisers help to form new collagen and elastin structures which maintain skin hydration levels. During pregnancy your skin can be drier and possibly more sensitive, so use more oil-based products are richer and more nutritious for your skin.  

Pregnancy is an important and exciting time for all parents. If you have any concerns about your skin or are looking for the right skincare routine during pregnancy, come in for a one on one consultation with our experienced Dermal Clinicians Amelia or Lily. You will receive a customised plan providing guidance on skin products that are 100% safe during pregnancy.

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