New year's resolution: cellulite


That dirty 'C' letter word... Most of us ladies have experienced it, and it's rarely see it on a man. But why?!

Not only do men NOT get all the fun things in a females life such child birth, monthly cycles and PMS…but they also don’t get have to endure cellulite!

Cellulite is the result of fibrous septa in the fat, that pulls on the skin. It is not to do with having too much fat, it's just the fibrous bands between the lobules of fat that cause depressions in the skin. Some thighs can look like orange peel, some cottage cheese and some like an old mattress.

In women, its all about anatomy. Women's fibrous bands are orientated in layers between fat so that when fat expands it can bulge through the bands into the skin causing the dimpling. In man, the bands are arranged in a criss-cross fashion, meaning all the fat is contained, and cannot herniate to the surface.

Of course there are multiple other causative agents such as hormonal, biochemical, obesity, genetics and skin laxity with ageing. Therefore cellulite is difficult to treat, and needs to attend to deep layers of fa and fibrous tissue, as well as skin surface to repeat any benefits.

Agents applied to the skin that strengthen or thicken the dermis, such as topical retinoids, can help thicken the skin to reduce the appearance of ‘dimples.’ We can also use radiofrequency or needling devices can also be used to tighten the skin overlying the cellulite.

Agents that increase lymphatic drainage and blood flow to skin may also help. Gingo (contains flavonoids) and papaya are good natural remedies that are thought to help, they also have antioxidant properties that reduce free radical damage.

Of course keeping up regular exercise, drinking LOADS of water and a healthy antioxidant rich diet are 100% vital! So don't get sold on a magic cure for cellulite! There isn’t one. It’s a combination approach, but a visit to SKINDEPTH can help!

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