Neck wrinkles and treatment


Last night on instagram live I spoke with Dr Sophie Ricketts. We covered all kinds of things, and of great interest to me, and indeed many of our patients, was the treatment of the neck. It is an area so prone to the signs of ageing and often forgotten about in a skin care regime.

The neck can be affected by too much fat deposit (especially under the chin) and excessive skin leading to a loose looking ‘gobbly’ neck. Sometimes surgery is the only option and involves a lower face lift. Sometimes it is liposuction to the fat under the chin. Some patients chose injectable agents that help dissolve excess fat. The most common problems we see are ‘chicken skin’ appearance which is related to too much sun, and discoloration (red or brown) also from too much sun (known as poikiloderma of civatte). It goes without saying that sunscreen is imperative in the treatment neck ageing. As ingredients such as retinol are often to irritating on the neck and decolletage area, we look to gentler but effective ingredients such as peptides. There are many peptides on the market, but my pick is the Revision Nectifirm cream with at least 8 different peptides for maximal smoothing and anti-ageing effects!

Used once or twice daily to the neck and décolletage area this is a game changer for ageing neck skin. Available now on our online store

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