Enhancing the skin's microbiome


Dr Alice Rudd - Guest Speaker for Lancôme Génifique

Dr Alice Rudd was recently invited to be a guest speaker on a discussion panel for the re-launch of the Lancôme Genifique Serum. This newly reformulated serum includes pre and probiotics to regulate the skin microbiome, an area which Dr Rudd is very interested and passionate about. Protecting our skins microbiome is essential for skin health, enhancing its functionality and therefore its immunity.  

So what is a microbiome? A microbiome is a community of micro-organisms living inside our gut and on the skin and are an essential part of human development, immunity and nutrition. Over the years we have learnt a lot about the benefits of a healthy gut and supporting the natural flora with the use of oral pre and probiotics. The skin microbiome is no exception and is now gaining more attention than ever. We are starting to see more studies linking the benefits of skin care that includes pre and probiotics to nurture the skin’s nature flora. When the skin’s flora is healthy it acts as the physical barrier to prevent foreign pathogens entering our skin, combating bacteria and improving its overall function. All of these functions assist in reducing inflammation and creating a healthier environment for the skin to do its job and protect.  

By introducing these pre and pro biotics to the skin we can fight the signs of aging and maintain glowing skin. We are so excited to see what develops next!

If your skin is inflamed or a bit dull after the dry conditions of winter, come in for a skin consultation with our experts Amelia and Lily.

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