Lunchtime Lasers!

Lunchtime Lasers -  What's it all about? These treatments can be done (yes you guessed it) over your lunch break! There's no downtime and you'll leave with glowing and hydrating skin.
The variety of lasers we use here can treat a multitude of concerns. If you're someone who is concerned with some mild hyperpigmentation and texture then the Express Laser Facial is for you.
This 30 minute express facial utilises a Q Switch laser that has the ability to shatter hyperpigmentation into lots of little pieces, which are then flushed out through the bodies lymphatic system. This is then followed by a superficial peel; tailored to your specific skin type and condition, helping to; exfoliate, brighten and retexturise the skin. The goal of this treatment is to even out the skin tone and is also a great maintenance option if you've previously had some of our more intensive pigment laser treatments.
The Express Laser Facial has little to no downtime with some experiencing very mild redness and temporary dryness post treatment.
If you are someone who has concerns with some mild redness, acne, inflammation or rejuvenation then look no further than Laser Genesis - another one of our 'Lunchtime Laser' treatments. 
Laser genesis uses a bulk heating method to the lower levels of the skin which helps to reduce inflammation as well as stimulate collagen production and close microcapillaries. The treatment feels like warm rain drops and leaves the skin warm and glowing. A great option for anyone with redness or rejuvenation concerns and a beautiful pre event pick me up.
Laser genesis has little to no downtime. Some mild redness and warmth will be expected and dryness in the days following. 
If you are interested in booking in for these treatments, it's required for you to avoid sun exposure and fake tan in the 2 weeks leading up to the appointment as well as avoiding sun exposure post treatment, SPF 50+ must be applied.
Both of these Lunchtime Laser treatments are safe to use on any Fitzpatrick skin type due to the 1064nm wavelength which bypasses the epidermis.
If you would like to know more about these treatments, feel free to reach out to our skin experts here at Skindepth Dermatology!
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