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With the arrival of spring it is the perfect time of year to make sure we are doing everything we can to nourish ourselves and create the healthiest version of our skin. Here are some easy steps to get you started.

1. Get outside and move – You are most likely spent more time at home and indoors during winter. We are all guilty of getting stuck on the couch during the colder months. Now is the time of year to get outside and get moving. Movement and fresh air improves circulation and nourishes our organs – including our largest organ, the skin. When we move, we also sweat, which encourages our pores to rid of unwanted debris. Just don’t forget your sunscreen and hat when outside 😉  

2. Eat right and support your skin - did you know that when sebum is ‘healthy’ (oil produced by pores) it is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and lubricating? And the best way to promote healthy sebum is through a diet void of saturated fats, processed foods and sugar. Damaging the composition of sebum can cause inflammatory skin conditions like acne. Sticking to a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, fatty fish (rich in Omega 3), nuts and seeds is key. Eating seasonally is always a good guide as mother nature always knows best.  

3. Focus on your microbiome - there is undeniable evidence that the gut is intrinsically linked to the skin – when our gut flourishes, so will our skin. Like the gut, our skin has its own microbiome. So ensuring diverse biome will lead to happy, healthy skin. You can support your microbiome with dietary choices and even skincare that is dedicated to promoting the skin’s flora. Healthy skin microbiome acts as the physical barrier to prevent foreign pathogens entering our skin cells, combats bacteria and improves its function. 

4. You time – stress is known to influence immunity and our microbiome – so it is important to ensure we manage everyday stress. Spring often means more social engagements and busyness! Amongst all of the fun try to find a few minutes each day to practice meditation or mindfulness – no matter how challenging it is. When we are stressed, we are more likely to cultivate inflammation in the body which can lead to inflammatory skin conditions.  

5. The right skincare – like many things, skincare is seasonal. Our winter skincare routine is now defunct as the sun starts to shine. In spring a gel-based cleanser is effective as well as a lighter moisturiser. UV exposure increases so sunscreen is a non-negotiable – it is our best anti-ageing tool. If your skin has a mini freak out add Vitamin B3 into your skincare. This often happens around seasonal changes. Skin can be unbalanced, its dry, its oily, its breakout out… it’s not sure what to do. B3 is great at regulating inflammation in the skin, reducing the freak out and keeping moisture locked in. It reduces skin sensitivity and balances oil flow, so skin is evenly hydrated and better behaved.  

For a personalised skincare routine come in and see Lily or Amelia for a skin consultation.

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