How to Pamper your Skin After a Long Week


We all have those weeks; you feel exhausted and need to unwind. Your skin might be crying out for a bit of love, whether it's breakouts, dehydration or just the dreaded "DULL" look. It's like having an ‘everything shower’ but for your skincare routine. Here is our Skindepth step by step guide to get that glow back!



Step 1: Deep cleanse

This is the beginning of your skin care routine whereby you can wash off and remove the day! A double cleanse is recommended to thoroughly remove cosmetic residue including makeup and general pollutants that tend to build up throughout the day. This generally begins with an oil based cleanser. A favourite is the Rationale #4 pre-cleansing balm as it helps to emulsify and break down heavier products such as foundation. As a second cleanse, it's best to use a cleanser that lathers, such as a gel. Skinbetter science cleansing gel is the perfect non-drying, bubbly cleanser that doesn't irritate the skin barrier and can be used on all skin types.


Step 2: Exfoliation

The ideal is to exfoliate no more than 1-2 times weekly, therefore ideal for a skin pampering session! Aspect Dr Lanazyme Peel or Illuminating polish provide an "at home treatment" feel. Physically exfoliating the skin removes any build-up of dead skin cells and helps to improve skin texture.


Step 3: Mask up

After cleansing and exfoliating it’s time to pop on a mask, if you’re really feeling wild you can even multi-mask! This involves first using a more active mask for about 10 minutes such as the Rationale #5 The Mask or the Biretix Clay mask to get your skin cells tingling and neutralising excess oils or breakouts. Follow with a hydrating mask such as Societe peptide sheet mask* or Aspect Probiotic mask - it’s like a drink of water for your skin and can be used on any skin type. Leave on for 15 minutes for an instant plumping effect, especially if you are particularly dehydrated after long week.


(*Pro-tip; pop this mask in the fridge at the start of your skin pampering session to help cool and soothe!)



Step 4: Eye cream

Treat yourself to a little eye massage! Using your eye cream gently circle the eyes in a figure of 8 motion with your middle and ring fingers. Focus attention on the brow bone and bottom of the eye socket, avoiding the eye lids (this skin is highly permeable and has it’s own delicate oil flow production). This can address concerns such as fine lines, dark circles and dryness. The Skin better science Interfuse eye cream is a peptide based treatment that can be safely applied to eye area daily.


Step 5: Serums & Moisturiser

Finally, apply a targeted treatment product that actively works on your main skin concerns. This may be a retinol, AHA/BHA serum, pigmentation serum or ceramide complex. Some of the ranges we love for targeted products are; Medik8 Crystal retinol, Aspect Platinum and Dermaceutic. This is then followed by your skins preference in moisturiser to seal everything in. For a skin hydration overhaul Regen ceutic by Dermaceutic is a medium weight cream infused with shea butter and peptides to complete the post facial glow up!


For tailored advice on which skincare suits your specific skin goals, book in for a Cosmetic Consultation in our Melbourne Clinic, here!

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