How to avoid stressed-out skin this holiday season


No sooner have we emerged from the frivolity of spring carnival, now we launch into the Christmas festive season. 

This means endless parties, social events and fun times… But often the flip side of this is neglected and unhappy skin and body. Add in the end of year fatigue, lack of sleep and mad pre-Christmas rush and really the skin has no hope!

So what can you do to salvage the skin?

Pre-hydrate before the Christmas party with drinking loads of filtered water. We recently had a water filter installed at the clinic. This system reduces sediment, particles, chlorine, and unpleasant tastes and odorous. Filtering water means no nasty and replenishes with good stuff, not all the nasties in normal water.

Also - get plenty of sleep. Sleep allowed the body to recover, and cells to regenerate. Depriving yourself of it means you don’t have a full tank for the next function…and eventually it will show in breaks out in the skin and dark circles under the eyes.

Hair. I am low maintenance on everything.. and im practically non-existent when it comes to hair. So often when I don’t have time to wash and blowdry, I spritzon a bit of Lee Stafford dark brown coloured dry shampoo to the ends. Then tease it body and the look of freshly washed hair.

Nails – being a dermatologist is pretty harsh on the hands and nails. A manicure barely lasts a few days in my life at this time of year. So I try to get them done twice a week. Just polish. You should never have your cuticles trimmed. These are the barrier that protects your nails, so don’t expose yourself. The obvious answer to my frequent nail problem is shellac…but be careful as shellac setting lights are often UV ..which can be carcinogenic.

Nourishing from the inside. Swap the champagne and h’ors douvres for super foods. When there’s little time to eat (and theres chocolates a plenty in the staff room), consume a meal rich in super foods before you head to the chrismas party. Superfoods are high in antioxidants, which combat skin attacking free radicals that run wild during the toxin-full festive season. I like to consume mine in a powder form which allows me to be more creative. This is one of my favourite combos - almond milk coconut smoothie with blueberries, cacao, chia, matcha and WelleCo Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Powder

Up the sunscreen factor. Now the weather is warmer and the days are longer, I like to up the SPF to 50+ especially for the drive to and from work when the UV can get through the window and on to the skin. I like Rationale Beautiful Skin Luminizing Superfluid SPF50+ underneath by make up, acts like a primer, and gives me the glow pep for the morning after…!

Don’t let the incidental sun touch your lips! I like to ‘prime’ my lips with Blistex 30+. It sets the perfect canvas for applying festive RED lippy (and gives you a double layer of protection).

…and last of all don’t forget the body skin! I love to moisturise in the morning if I know I'll be out at night. For longevitiy of skin suppleness I love La Roche Posay Lipikaume Baume with shea butter.

Thanks to @victoriamartinmakeup for the gorgeous photo above of golden girl, Montana Cox

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