Hand dermatitis - rife in a pandemic


All forms of dermatitis are worse at this time of year due to the cold dry air, especially in Melbourne. But 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic there is an epidemic of hand dermatitis from washing our hands incessantly.

Our hands don’t like to be overwashed. Each time we wash our hands with water we remove moisture. If we don’t replace the moisture after each time we wash them, the skin on the hands becomes progressively more dehydrated. Once dry and dehydrated, eczema, inflammation and dermatitis can develop.

The best thing to do is replenish the moisture EVERY SINGLE TIME after you wash your hands - which is a lot right now! If you can, use a sanitiser instead of a hand wash. And definitely switch out your soap for a soap substitute.

IF these simple measures don’t help your hand dermatitis, then consult your dermatologist for medical treatment.

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