Get to know Hayley


What is your role at Skindepth? 

I am the Practice Nurse and Nurse Manager here at Skindepth Dermatology.

What is your favourite aspect about the dermatology industry?

I love being able to help my patients through their medical journey and watching their self-confidence grow as well as their quality of life improve.

What is your favourite skin care product?

I love the RATIONALE #1 Crème it hydrates my skin while keeping my redness and pigmentation at bay. 

What is your favourite treatment? 

I often have the Skindepth Peel and Heal lite treatment. I think it’s great as it is always tailored to address my concerns on the day. That could be hydration before an event or working on my pigment and texture. I try to have a peel and heal lite treatment every couple of months to keep my skin fresh. 

What is your personal skin care and treatment regime?

I keep my skin care routine simple. In the morning I rinse my face and apply the RATIONALE #1 cream followed by an SPF. At night after cleansing I will either use my RATIONALE #5 salicylic acid or Biopelle Retinol and finish with a moisturiser. 

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