Get to know Eleanor - dermal clinician


What is your role at Skindepth?

I am a fully qualified Dermal Clinician. A dermal clinician can help manage and maintain a variety of skin concerns and conditions with modalities and devices such as laser, IPL, radio frequency, chemical peels, LED, diathermy and skincare. I love putting together treatment plans for general skin maintenance, rosacea and acne.

What is your favourite aspect about the dermal industry?

My favourite thing about working as a Dermal Clinician is that it is very collaborative. This means that we often work in conjunction with Dermatologists, Surgeons, Dieticians and other healthcare specialists. Working with other specialists allows us to develop thorough and personal treatment plan, and this often leads to the best treatment outcome.

What is your favourite skin care product?

I love the KNR serum because I have a lot of sun damage on my face. This serum has a nice blend of pigment balancing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. I use it every night on clean skin before moisturising 

What is your favourite treatment?

My favourite treatment in the Nanofrac RF, because of the range of concerns it can treat. I personally love how plump and bright my skin starts to look in the weeks following a Nanofrac RF treatment. I also have large pores, and this is the perfect treatment to help!

What is your personal skin care and treatment regime?

My skincare routine is all about balancing a few different concerns including oil flow, sun damage and redness. I also like my skin to feel hydrated and soft, so I use nourishing moisturisers in conjunction with pigment and oil balancing serums.

AM: Water cleanse, Rational #1 Serum, K Ceutic

PM: BiRetix Cleanser, Rationale #5 Serum, Biopelle KNR serum, avene recovery cream.

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