Fake anti wrinkle injections?


Anti wrinkle injections are becoming increasingly more popular, as we age.

But staying young is not cheap! Anti wrinkle injections are notoriously costly to the practitioner, and as a result, for the consumer. Its no surprise then that the consumer seeks a cheaper alternative. I have noticed recently many advertisements for 'cheap anti wrinkle injections $5 per unit'. Coinciding with this is an influx of 'fake' product entering the market from Asia. In fact, there are now websites where consumers can buy their own product, and then have to find someone to inject it for them!

But how do you know you are getting the real product? And not a fake import?

Ask to look at the jar. It should have a hologram on it. Then you know you are getting the real deal. If you unsure, come and talk to us. Its important you are well informed, before anything is injected into the skin of your face!

Safe Playing Skin Doc xxxx

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