Double cleansing off your sunscreen, and your day


Thoroughly removing your sunscreen and make up every day is just as important as putting it on. And the growing trend toward the daily use of Superfluid Sunscreens and the worlds increasing pollution, it means that we must be meticulous in nightly cleansing.

Superfluids have physico-chemical properties that provide enormously high SPF by forming perfectly uniform films over the skin’s surface. This means 100% coverage, with no gaps in the SPF layer, using far less sunscreen active ingredients (a major bonus for people with sensitive skin).

It’s very important to remove all traces of Superfluid Sunscreen at night, as the perfect film they form (much needed for daily photoprotection) can also form a barrier to the penetration of active ingredients at night.

Foaming cleansers are not very good at removing Superfluids, which have a high affinity for corneocytes and intercellular spaces. We need a different type of cleanser for this task.

As they are essentially very low molecular weight lipids, Superfluids are best removed using counter-lipids. Ceramides are exactly the right lipids for this task. They are both water and oil soluble, displaying a high attraction for Superfluids and particles of makeup, which they can easily solubilise. The dissolved Superfluid can then be easily rinsed or tissued off the skin

Even better, Ceramides will not strip away your skin’s intercellular lipids as they cleanse. In fact they serve to augment the skin’s own Ceramide reserves, boosting skin suppleness and hydration while fortifying barrier function and reducing irritation.

Double Cleansing Decoded.

Double Cleansing involves cleansing your face twice.

The first cleanse uses an oil based formula to thoroughly remove sunscreen, oil and make-up. As like attracts like, oil-based formulas bind to oily impurities on the skin's surface like a magnet. 

The second cleanse gently whisks away these oils and impurities, perfectly preparing the skin for active ingredients and serums to be applied.

Double Cleansing System

Phase 1: The Pre-Cleanse

Warm a small amount of a pre-cleanse oil such as Rationale ProCeramide Pre-Cleanse Oil in the palm of your hands. Apply to dry skin and massage over face and eyes. The skin identical lipids attract and gently dissolve surface impurities, make-up and sunscreen.

Phase 2: The Deep Cleanse

Follow with a few pumps of a cream Cleanser (we love rationale preparatory cleanser) and massage it gently over your skin, incorporating  the Pre-Cleanse Oil into a light emulsion. Rinse with warm water or remove with a warm facial cloth.

The result is a pure, clean canvas that is perfectly prepared to accept the skin refining and rejuvenating nighttime actives that follow. 

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