Does laser hurt?


One of the most common questions we get is ‘will laser hurt?’

The answer is maybe! and sometimes! laser works via applying heat to destroy various structures in the skin, ie pigmentation, redness, and oil glands or skin growths. As lasers are heat which is accompanied by energy, there can be a sensation of warmth and some power in a treatment. The discomfort usually is momentary as the laser fires, and settles quickly. Many patients describe this as a flick of a rubber band. The sensation and warmth may last for a few minutes to a few hours, rarely more than a day.

Pigment laser is directed to more superficial layers of the skin so we do not expect much discomfort. Lasers that treat deeper layers of the skin such as vessels and collagen can create more heat that is trapped in the skin and create redness and swelling which can create a more prolonged heat sensation. This usually settles within a few days.

Usual after care for laser would be to keep the head elevated on a couple of pillows that night and apply ice packs to the skin for comfort. Always remember to be religious with sunscreen application after laser.

For more info check our FAQs on our website under medical grade laser.

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