Beating acne only begins with the right treatment


Acne affects people of all ages and it can really encumber confidence and self-esteem. There are many severities of acne and it often presents in different ways. In order to treat the acne properly, we need to first asses and diagnose it. When addressing acne we need to classify whether it is comedonal, pustular, cystic or a combination of these. We also need to consider any medical conditions, diet and home skincare regimes. Only after we have diagnosed the acne type and received all information can we develop a complete and effective treatment that will truly combat the condition.

After extensive research, Skindepth use the following treatment options:

Chemical peels and LED Therapy

This treatment works by clearing out the dead skin cells and oils that may be blocking the pores or follicles. There are a range of different strength/types of peels that are customised and chosen for each individual. Regular peels and LED will continue to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal.


Extractions are fantastic for anyone that has underlying congestion that need to come up and out of the skin. If the congestion is left in the skin then they can only get bigger and more infected with time. It is always best to come in and make an appointment to see a trained clinician who will extract correctly preventing scarring or transfer of bacteria. Please never pick your own skin!


This is a full course of 12 light based therapy treatments for patients suffering from pustular, cystic and inflammatory acne. Kleresca is an advanced light based and painless technology that is a great option for anyone that prefers to avoid prescription medication. It kills bacteria and also encourages skin repair on a cellular level. Kleresca is also known to help reduce acne scarring.

Prescription medication

Depending on the type of acne, medical and acne history, prescription medication may be the most suitable option. Prescription medication is administered under the experienced and watchful eye of Dr Alice Rudd and monitored on regular intervals.  Medications are carefully prescribed in line with the individual and require a referral from a GP.


At Skindepth Dermatology we truly believe that beating acne and maintaining clear skin comes down to what you put on your skin daily. Therefore a tailored skincare plan is part of how we treat acne. Come in for a one-on-one chat with one of the Dermal Clinicians who can develop a targeted skincare plan.

Skindepth’s Acne Clinic is now available. No GP referral is required and there are minimum wait times. Book an appointment with our Acne experts, Amelia and Lily.

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