The instructional information that shapes our genetic blueprint, otherwise known as our DNA, was once considered irrefutable. But the evolving science of epigenetics has revolutionised our understanding of the influence that lifestyle choices have in the expression of genetics, including the behaviour of our skin. When it comes to ageing, the science of  epigenetics suggests that wrinkles, sun damage, dullness and loss of elasticity are not inevitable; we don't necessarily have to follow the same trajectory of our mother or father. Topical nutrition can positively influence our skin's capacity to rejuvenate.

Imagine identical twins. Technically, they have precisely the same genetic makeup, yet each twin will age differently throughout their life as a result of certain lifestyle choices, such as sun exposure, skincare, work, diet, and stress levels. This means that the future of your skin is not necessarily just in your genes—it’s in your hands.

The Renewal Collection by RATIONALE harnesses the rejuvenating effects of Vitamin A, Firming + Renewing Peptide Complexes and DNA Repair Enzymes to rejuvenate skin beauty. While Vitamin A is a much-loved active ingredient for its powerful anti-ageing properties, an alternative for compromised skin has been recently introduced to The Renewal Collection. Featured in #6 The GelCrème, Bakuchiol offers an additional means of restoration and repair for every skin—no matter how sensitive.

Bakuchiol is a botanical alternative to Vitamin A, with the same biological properties as Retinol but with a gentler delivery system. The skin identifies this active ingredient as Retinol and therefore receives similar benefits with minimal stimulation. Bakuchiol upregulates collagen synthesis and youthful enzyme activity within the skin and is proven to improve signs of solar ageing, elevating firmness, suppleness and radiance.

In addition, Bakuchiol offers broad spectrum antioxidant protection to enhances recovery from cellular damage sustained by solar and environmental aggressors. As well as mitigating oxidative stress, Bakuchiol manages age-induced inflammation, commonly referred to as inflammageing. Inflammation sends skin into a fight or flight response, inhibiting collagen repair in the process. As a rejuvenating anti-inflammatory, Bakuchiol ensures inflammation does not exhaust the skin but improves its strength and structure.

Those showing signs of skin sensitivity can benefit from #6 The GelCrème's use of Bakuchiol as a gentler alternative to Vitamin A. #6 The GelCrème can also layer beautifully on top of #6 The Night Crème to supercharge the skin with added hydration and repair. This formulation is suitable for introducing all skin types to RATIONALE, especially those less accustomed to active ingredients.

Additionally, the RATIONALE Essential Six Collections are entirely safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, for patients who'd still feel more comfortable stepping back from Vitamin A during this time, Bakuchiol is also a way to deliver overnight renewal and support overall skin health during this time.

Written in Collaboration with The superb team at Rationale.

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