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Lucy Brownless is a model, social media influencer and brand ambassador. Lucy started her skincare journey with Skindepth 6 months ago. Like most people, Lucy has a skin story. Find out more about her journey.   

Lucy, how long have you suffered from Acne?

I first noticed a few pimples around Year 7 and Year 8, but they got progressively worse over the years. I have always had issues with my skin and wondered initially if it was hormonal. It was only after my treatments at Skindepth that I started to notice a difference. Currently I see Amelia who is one of their lovely Dermal Clinicians.  

Had you ever previously been treated for acne? 

Prior to my recent treatment, I’ve had very sporadic treatments such as micro-dermabrasion, but I never had a set routine. I saw different people who said they could help me, but my skin didn’t change. I was always moving onto the next thing trying desperately to fix my skin. It was very disheartening. It wasn’t until I went to Skindepth that I got the guidance I was looking for.

How did you feel when your acne was at its worst?

Awful. It made me feel very insecure, especially at the end of high school. It was always in the back of my mind. It was difficult to cope at times. I was always trying to hide my skin with makeup. 

What treatments have you done with Skindepth to combat your acne concerns? 

I was prescribed a course of Vitamin A medication which had a huge effect on my skin. It really cleared up my acne but also reduced my scarring which always bothered me. I had heard a few things about Vitamin A medication so was a little apprehensive at first. But I am so happy with the results. It has completely transformed my skin and I feel so much better.

In terms of ongoing skin treatments, I regularly have extractions, LED Therapy and hydrating treatments such as chemical peels.

(Extractions help to remove any underlying congestion ensuring that the plug comes out and prevents further infection of the skin. LED helps with the inflammation, scarring and blood flow circulation for healing. Chemical peels remove dead skin and clears out pores for clearer skin - Skindepth).

How have the treatments worked for your skin? 

Amazing! Every time I walk out of the clinic my skin is always glowing and I always get lots of comments. After the first treatment I knew I was finally going to get on top of my skin. Having a clear plan made me feel very confident. Being consistent with both treatments and my skincare products has made all the difference.  

Was there any pain associated or discomfort? 

At the start extractions are not the most relaxing, especially due to the amount of congestion in the beginning. But now it is no longer an issue. There is no other discomfort involved with treatments, it’s actually very relaxing and I have the added bonus of knowing my skin is getting better and better. 

How long did the treatment take for you to notice the effects? 

After visiting the clinic, I noticed a big difference in my skin within the first few weeks. I have been coming to Skindepth almost 6 months now and over the last few months things just keep getting better. Anything takes time and the difference in my skin is quite significant. Looking back on my skin and where I have come from, it has definitely come a long way! 

How do you feel now?  

A million times better! I am so much more confident in my skin. Before my skin used to be my biggest insecurity. Now I have the confidence to go without makeup where as I used to go nowhere without it. For my job I am often in hair and makeup and I am always getting comments about how much better my skin is. Make up is also easier to apply and often I don’t need as much either. I was always worried about my skin, but it’s nice not to have that awful feeling at the back of my mind.  

What have you learnt about your skin?  

The biggest thing I have learnt from Skindepth is the importance of skincare and what it does for my skin. Before I used to buy things that sounded or looked great but I didn’t know what they were doing or what my skin needed. It was great when I first started coming to Skindepth, Amelia (Dermal Clinician) really took the time to explain what the various skincare items do, what moisturiser was best for dryness which all really helped. I also learnt that great skin comes with consistency. Regular treatments are so important. I am very happy with my skin journey with Skindepth so far and can’t thank Amelia enough. I am excited about continuing my skin journey.

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