Why double cleanse?


We frequently get asked about the best way to cleanse your skin and if a single cleanse will do, or, is it necessary to cleanse your skin twice. 

To put it simply, we generally recommend a very quick gentle cleanse in the morning, either just with water or with a gentle cream cleanser to wash off your active ingredients that you applied the night before then you can follow with your morning skin regime. 

Your night time cleanse is where it becomes serious. We suggest a double cleanse at night, especially if you are wearing makeup or have been exercising. 

Your first cleanse will remove dirt, makeup, oils and sweat that have built up during the day. We love the Rational #4 pre cleanse oil for this. You can apply directly onto your face, no water necessary. The beautiful oil will gently melt away makeup in seconds. Adding this step in will ensure a much more effective second cleanse.

Your second cleanse will follow directly after. Use your choice of cleanser - if you're not sure what's best for you please reach out. We recommend cleansing for at least 1 minute. This step is to actually cleanse your SKIN, instead of to remove products, oil and dirt. Your second cleanse will now be able to really clean your pores, decongest and give your skin the clean it deserves. 

A thorough cleanse means your active products can penetrate the skin much more effectively. 

So, try a double cleanse if you're not already doing so and let us know the changes you see in your skin. 

If you aren't sure which products are best suited for you, click the button below and let us guide you.


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