Tweakments - keep them guessing


The days of the obvious full-on facelift, and major face procedures is over. Today, looking younger is all about regular fine tuning. The idea is to do many small 'tweakments', gradually. You want to keep people guessing ...' have you have had a good holiday' not 'oh my god! look at all that work you've had done'. I have failed in my job as a dermatologist if anyone EVER looks like they've had 'work'.

Starting early, and making small regular adjustments is the key. Theres no point starting when a lot of adjustment is needed, as it will be obvious when work is done. Look after your skin with small treatments, like laser peels,  to help texture. Make your skin glow with good skin care, then as time goes on, gently replace any volume that is being lost and treat any dynamic wrinkles. I like to under treat, and get my patients back regularly to 'top up' and tweak. Give me an hour of your time every month and I will have you looking fabulous. 

Part of a good tweakment is whats left behind. Leaving some gentle smile or forehead lines gives a natural look, and helps you get away with perhaps filling the cheeks or enhancing the lips. No one looks good with a frozen forehead, or chipmunk cheeks. 

Invest in your skin now, and you might save yourself on surgery later!


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