Treating sun damage and photoageing


Sun damage can be so many different things. Scaly red spots (actinic keratosis), capillaries, brown marks, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and a dull lifeless skin texture all characterize the skin changes of sun damage. It can even be frank skin cancer. In the dermatology world we call this ‘photodamage’ and it of course leads to ‘photageing’ (ageing of the skin related to sun!)

So what can be done about it? Well seen as we cannot go back in time to reverse the sun exposure, we have to repair some of the damage.

At Skindepth, our favoured treatment for sundamage is photodynamic therapy combined with laser light. You may have heard of more traditional treatments for actinic keratosis, such as liquid nitrogen (‘burning’ or ‘freezing’) and efudix. These often have a lot of down time and can leave nasty permanent white marks on the skin. They also don’t treat all the other features of sun damage (like wrinkles, and color changes).  That is why our sun damage treatment is so unique. We can treat sun spots, redness, brown marks and improve the skin texture and rejuvenate the skin all in one hit! We can literally work miracles. We prefer this type of treatment performed in the cooler months as it does require STRICT sun avoidance.

Teamed with the right skin care regimen as your insurance policy, this is our most sought-after treatment. Want to find out more? Head to our treatments page

Stay safe in the sun xx

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