“The Filler Filo”


A cold, lazy Sunday and I was flicking through some online recipes. This little slice of custard sandwich heaven reminded me of the heavenly human face, with its multiple and well formed layers…. well hopefully a little less flakey! But it made me think of the little crevices and hollows that form as part of the ageing process. Loss of volume and loss of hydration lead to saggy, flakey and less plump skin. So thankfully rather than eating lots of pastries to fill out any cracks, we can fill the cracks with putty. Or in the dermatology world, dermal fillers.

We have come so far in our use of dermal fillers. Gone are the ‘collagen’ days where one substance was used for all areas and all faces.

Now we have more elegant formulations, of differing weights, viscosities and thickness.  We can now put lightweight fillers in more sensitive delicate areas, and heavier denser products for deeper, more volume deficient areas. And we can layer multiple different products in the one sitting, sandwiching one on top of another. Kind of like a ‘filler sandwich’ within the differing layers of the face to give a more natural, and contoured appearance.

“The Filler Filo” as I like to call it is my new technique way of filling the face.  Although I still do like to fill myself with the odd vanilla slice....

SD xx

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