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To all of our Skindepth clients,  

As you may have noticed, RATIONALE have recently had a re-branding and have updated their product packaging from black to white, as well as changing the names of their Essential Six Collections. This has resulted in some questions from you that we wanted to address!

In terms of the products, we have been informed of very minor changes to formulation but not to the main ingredients in the products.

They are still the same products you know and love.

Please find below a quick break down of the products for your reference. 

#1 The Serum, #1 The Mask and #1 The Crème were formerly known as the Immunologist range. This range includes your Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) based products. Can be used by anyone but is especially good for red, irritated skins. 

#2 The Serum, #2 The Concentrate and #2 The Hydragel were formally referred to as The Antioxidant range. This range collection is great for any one concerned with sun damage or anti-ageing. 

#3 The Day Crème and #3 The Eye Crème are still your SPF15 moisturiser and eye crème. A must-have for everyone. 

#4 The Cleanser, #4 The PreCleanse Oil, and #4 The Balm were known as the ProCeramide range. Great barrier-fortifying formulations for skins lacking in hydration.

#5 The Serum, #5 The Cleanser, #5 The Milk Concentrate and #5 The GelCrème, were previously referred to as the Catalyst range. The range is great for re-acidifying skin pH. And Salicylic Acid is great for oilier skin types and those who have acne or acne-prone skins.

#6 The Serum, #6 The Night Crème and #6 The Eye Crème were formerly referred to as the DNA range. These products contain gentle Vitamin A. Great for fine lines around the eyes or general anti-ageing.

I hope this information has helped you. We also want to remind you that you can reach out at any time by contacting cosmetic@skindepth.com.au if you require further clarification. We are always happy to help.

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