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Are you unsure about safe skincare during pregnancy? Like many expectant mothers, skincare becomes confusing and many people avoid treating their skin all together. Get the right information from an expert. Join Dermal Clinician Amelia as she takes us through the best approach to skincare during pregnancy.

 Amelia, when should pregnant ladies modify their skincare routine?

As soon as pregnancy is confirmed it is best to stop any existing skincare routine and review what is and isn’t appropriate. Then most important skincare to stop using immediately is Salicylic Acid and Retinols. More simplistic ingredients should be used throughout pregnancy. We still encourage a gentle cream cleaner, moisturiser and daily sunscreen, but ask ladies to remove certain active ingredients from the mix. Some active ingredients are safe during pregnancy but should be prescribed by your Dermatologist or Dermal Clinician.

What skincare can pregnant ladies use?

Pregnant ladies can confidently use a cleanser and moisturiser. We love and recommend Rationale’s Preparatory Cream Cleanser and their Photodynamic Day Cream SPF15.

An active ingredient we encourage throughout pregnancy is Vitamin B. It is completely safe and helps to keep the skin hydrated, reduce fine lines and create a beautiful glow. At Skindepth we love Rationale’s Immunologist Serum and MediK8 Hydr8 B5 Liquid Hydration. Serums can be used under your moisturiser to help create more luminous skin.

I am breaking out with pimples, what can I do?

When breakouts occur during pregnancy this indicates they are most likely caused by hormonal changes. For most pregnant ladies that experience acne, it clears up on its own postnatally. When treating acne, we normally recommend active ingredients in skincare. However this is not an option during pregnancy. Instead we need to take a more subtle approach and maintain the quality and texture of the skin. We can however assist with extractions, facials, masks and LED Therapy which are all completely safe. These treatments help nourish the skin, reduce inflammation and promote healing on a cellular level.

I am noticing darker spots and my pigmentation is worse? Why?

During pregnancy the body produces more melanin. This means that moles can darken and general freckling and pigmentation can appear more prominent. Many ladies also experience darker pigmentation called Melasma. This typically presents on the face including the upper lip, nose and cheek bones. Although it can be frustrating, the good news is that increased pigmentation usually resolves itself post pregnancy without intervention or treatment when melanin levels naturally reduce. During pregnancy we suggest daily sunscreen as the best prevention. However in some cases pigmentation is unavoidable.

Pregnancy glow is a lie! My skin is dull, what can I do?

During pregnancy we don’t have access to the same variety of treatments, but rest assured there are still treatments that can assist you to achieve that glow. The main treatments we recommend during pregnancy are Enzymatic Masks. These masks are fruit based and work by gently exfoliating the skin and breaking down the dead skin cells on the upper layers of skin. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that help settle the skin. Our other favourite treatment that is safe and suitable for all skin types is LED Healite. This promotes the production of collagen and encourages the skin’s own healing process. Customised facials are also a good way to nourish the skin and sneak in some relaxation time.

What else can I do to maintain my skin health?

As with all of our clients, dietary choices and quality of sleep both greatly impact the health of the skin. It is no different with our pregnant clients. Although it may be a little harder if you are suffering from morning sickness or pregnancy related insomnia! We understand it is not quite so simple, but if you can, foods high in antioxidants and omega-3 such as nuts and berries are good for the skin. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule, and if you are waking through the night, try and fit in a quick catnap if possible.

If you are pregnant and have any skin questions or concerns, Skindepth is available for personalised Skin Consultations with both Amelia and Lily. You will receive a customised pregnancy skin care and skin treatment plan.

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