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Dull, uneven and dry skin affects everyone….. Men and women alike! However men’s skin is different to women’s, therefore customising a tailored skin care routine is crucial. Men’s skin tends to be thicker and naturally creates more oils… add facial hair, an increased likelihood of sweating and the chance of impurities multiplies. While some men may not see skincare as a priority, it is essential to undertake a customised approach including cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and of course sunscreen. 

Here are 5 quick and easy treatments (for men) that Skindepth recommend to help combat common concerns.

1. Cleansing

Treatment: Deep Double Cleanse (Two-step cleansing process 1. Pre-cleanse Oil Cleanser: 2. Deep Clean Cream Cleanser)
Good for: gently removing debris from the skin, reaching deep into pores to unclog impurities

During the day the skin on your face can be covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. This Deep Double Cleanse process is ideal for removing these impurities. Without washing your face, your skin would be covered with these pollutants, resulting in poor skin health and appearance.

2. Exfoliation

Treatment: Gommage Exfoliation (a highly effective exfoliator that removes dead skin cells)
Good for:  smoothing dry flakey skin, degreasing oily skin

It is not necessary to the get out the sandpaper and file down your top skin layer.  In fact, go easy on the scrubbing. If you don’t know your own strength, removing too much of the top layer of skin can in fact damage the barrier function and make it more vulnerable to eczema and sun damage. Instead go with Gommage, it gently exfoliates without stripping away your skin. It will leave  the skin feeling smooth and refined.

3. Moisturising

Treatment: Vitamin B Mask
Good for: dry skin and dull skin

Dehydrated skin means the natural oils have depleted, therefore making it more ‘aged’ in appearance. Moisturising masks packed with Glycerin and Vitamin E are deeply hydrating without being sticky or greasy. They will leave your skin feeling supple with a healthy glow.

4. Oil reduction

Treatment: Salicylic Enzyme treatment
Good for: oily skin, open pores, pimple and break out prone skin

Salicylic works at dissolving the excess oils that sit in the pores. When excess oils sit in the pores, it can stretch them over time and create a more uneven surface texture. Salicylic Enzyme treatment also helps by reducing inflammation for break out prone skin.

5. Anti-ageing

Treatment: LED Light Therapy
Good for: Rejuvenating skin

This treatment targets your skin at a cellular level, fuelling the skin with the energy it needs to help restore both firmness and tauntness, along with building collagen and elastin. The result is healthier looking skin in just 16 mins. Repeat at 1-2 weekly intervals.

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