Look fresh, feel fabulous this spring racing season


Lucy Brownless: glowing and Spring Racing ready!

Winter means dry, dehydrated skin that was heavily covered in make up or big winter scarves and puffer jackets. And now its less than a month until Spring Racing, so we better get to Spring Cleaning our skin.  Its time to shed the winter layers and show off some smooth spring skin, by getting your GLOW on!!



Heavy make up

Excess clothing


Lazy skin routines

....HITCH yourself some sexy spring skin.

It’s a long day out on the track, so make sure your skin holds up  well and truly with my fave Spring Skin Treatments for the Spring Racing Carnival.

Laser Genesis – “lunchtime laser”

Laser doesn’t have to be a scary word! Laser genesis utilizes the technology of the Nd:Yag laser to provide a non ablative, no downtime, skin rejuvenation. The laser penetrates to the dermal layer where the collagen and elastin sit. It heats them up and boosts them up!  This laser may also treat background facial redness, pore size, acne and mild acne. Kylie Jenner swears by it for her pimples. Its quick, painless and has no downtime, so you can go straight out to the track…or to cocktails with the girls. We recommend multiple treatments 2-4 weeks apart. Laser genesis can be combined with a skin smoothing fruit acid treatment to treat all the skin layers at once! Time to slip in 2 laser genesis treatments before the Derby. Invest in a laser genesis package and save!

China Doll (Carbon Peel) Facial

Producing instant results in just 1 treatment, the china doll facial is a non-invasive, gentle treatment that leaves a smooth, glowing complexion. This treatment involves the application of a carbon solution to the skin which gets lasered off, along with all any residual surface skin, oil, and impurities. It tightens pores, reduces acne and acne discolouration. When combined with laser genesis and toning, it stimulates collagen and elastin production for a firmer, younger appearance. Need more? The china doll facial also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Benefits everyone in a single treatment! But best results are seen over a series of treatments.

Dermaplanning –super exfoliation and treating peach fuzz!

Dermaplanning is a treatment that involves a gentle physical exfoliation of the top layer of the skin that also removes vellous hairs, or that peach fuzz that so often annoys us women! And don’t worry, its nothing like shaving. It gently and non-invasively removes dead skin and fine facial hair to reveal a smoother and more glowing complexion. Performed before other treatments such as enzyme  and AHA peels, the results are amplified.

Skin Peels

Composed of naturally occurring fruit and milk acids, skin peels aim to gently exfoliate top layers of skin, revealing smooth, soft and brighter skin beneath. improve pigmentation, acne, sun damage, enlarged pores, fine lines and skin texture. Combine with LED light or laser genesis penetrating to a deeper level for some extra collagen boosting and an even better result. Call in October to receive our Spring Skin Peel Pack – 3 for the price of 2! Hurry bookings already filling fast and limited spots available. (Offer valid for one month only, not for use after 4pm or weekends. Must be used by December 31 2017).

Come and chat to one of our highly skilled practitoners to customize a Spring Skin Special for you! Happy racing xx

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