I treat faces not fads - brooke nurse injector


This is my mantra for assessing my client and their facial anatomy. I always consider what my clients are asking for and if it will actually look good for them. 

Everyone is looking for something that they believe will make them feel good, take social media, we spend numerous hours scrolling online trying to fill our days (especially during lockdown). Social media has played a massive part in making us feel connected with each other and keep up with new fashion, which is great for choosing outfits, but please; not facial features.

In my time as an injector (coming up to 9 years) I have seen multiple fashion fads drift in and out of the industry.  From big lips to fox eyes, chiselled cheek bones to over filled nasal lines (think Homer Simpson) and now, the Texas jawline. WTFace!

Take it easy everyone. Your genetics have served you well so work with it, not against it. Whether you think so or not, everyone has at least one beautiful feature on their face… if you need help finding yours, book a consult with me and I will show you. Embrace this and make it the highlight of your beauty. 

Trying to ‘fix’ or transform your anatomy into something that it’s not is expensive, time consuming and often underwhelming. Not to mention you’ll probably end up looking weird and scaring the kids. 

My advice is to find an injector you trust and slow it all down.  Take your time, plan your treatment, understand your treatment, care for your treatment, assess your treatment. Dissolve your treatment if you have to – Ill touch on this issue next article.

Your filler isn’t going anywhere – its locked in my cupboard with your name on. 

Let me take care of it for you.

xxx Brooke XXXXX

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